raw material Our philosophy of making is born out of the materials that we use - we begin with the material and then the furniture object or sculpture grows out of this source material; an old saw blade becomes a table, or a limb off the backyard walnut becomes an armature.

The inborn meaning or content residing in a reclaimed material inspires us to expand or reinterpret that content in our works.

Charred Pine
Motorcycle chain
Fabricated engine head
cast concrete
Resin tipped walnut

We are less likely to begin with so called 'raw' materials, i.e. clay, dimensional lumber, or new steel. Because, we chose materials for their intrinsic characteristics, the material is allowed to be itself, while at the same time collaborating with the other materials in the piece. When this harmony of material and manipulation happens, is when the work is successful.


Slow Time - An environment for meditation. Materials include: leather watter bladder, living plants and mulch.
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