Radical Mechanical is a design/fabrication Enterprise.

We are inspired by salvaged, reclaimed, and recycled materials.  Our work involves making kinetic sculpture, anatomical furniture, and intimate interior/exterior spaces. We try to approach all of our work with the same attitude of stewardship, for both the site and the needs of the client.

Radical Mechanical welcomes client collaboration and commissioned work.  Please contact us with ideas.

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2011, concrete, approx. 60 x 55 x 40cm (L x W x H).



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Dec 2, 2011
Category: General
Posted by: dan

Vindo de Cabo Verde

Check out the new body of work from Radical Mechanical made in Cape Verde.

Sep 22, 2010
Category: General
Posted by: dan

Principle of Radical Mechanical joins the Peace Corps

Oct 3, 2009
Category: General
Posted by: dan
This summer the Mobile Life Support Unit - Model A found a new home at Josephine Sculpture Park in Frankfort Kentucky.
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